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Top 10 players on their 73rd birthday


Player Rating +/-
1 Reshevsky, Samuel H254558
2 Smyslov, Vassily V252849
3 Golmayo Zupide, Celso F252275
4 Najdorf, Miguel252254
5 Bernstein, Ossip S250375
6 Kholmov, Ratmir D248851
7 Geller, Efim P248469
8 Unzicker, Wolfgang246957
9 Bronstein, David I246454
10 Gligoric, Svetozar246152

About these ratings

All players on their 73rd birthday


Player Rating +/- Best? 75%? Rating Date
1 Reshevsky, Samuel H 25455824.8%#510/31/1984: #128
2 Smyslov, Vassily V 25284913.2%#602/28/1994: #254
3 Golmayo Zupide, Celso F 25227519.7%#712/31/1892: #11
4 Najdorf, Miguel 25225412.7%#603/31/1983: #143
5 Bernstein, Ossip S 25037512.9%#906/30/1955: #73
6 Kholmov, Ratmir D 2488513.7%#904/30/1998: #453
7 Geller, Efim P 2484697.1%#1002/28/1998: #457
8 Unzicker, Wolfgang 2469572.6%#1005/31/1998: #563
9 Bronstein, David I 2464541.6%#1001/31/1997: #608
10 Gligoric, Svetozar 2461521.2%#1001/31/1996: #614
11 Taimanov, Mark E 2424490.2%#1202/01/1999: #740
12 Usachyi, Mark 2381650.2%#1501/31/1994: #1125
13 Suetin, Alexey S 236462#1611/15/1999: #1325
14 Pachmann, Ludek 236066#1604/30/1997: #1490
15 Heinicke, Herbert T 2352690.1%#1602/28/1978: #410
16 Canal, Esteban 231974#1803/31/1969: #374
17 Dueckstein, Andreas 227169#2007/31/2000: #2453
18 Paoli, Enrico 225273#2112/31/1980: #643
19 Bondar, Anatoly T 223771#2210/18/1999: #3008
20 Lezcano Montalvo, Pedro 223173#2208/31/1993: #2499
21 Wagman, Stuart 221273#2304/30/1992: #2270
22 Ziembinski, Marian 218175#2407/09/2001: #3404
23 Viner, Phillip 217867#2411/06/2000: #3401
24 Sämisch, Friedrich 217760#2406/30/1969: #544
25 Hanks, John 209573#2602/01/1999: #4109
26 Luik, Helmuth 209369#2602/19/2001: #3869
27 Waller, Helmut 200963#2709/20/1999: #4377

For each player on this list, the rating they possessed on their 73rd birthday is listed. That rating was the last one calculated while they were 72 years of age, so it was their "current" rating on the day they turned 73. Players who played an insufficient number of games in recent years will not appear on the list, even though you may see them on lists for younger and/or older birthdays. Any players who had been completely inactive for three years are removed from the list.

Definition of columns in the above list:

# refers to the player's all-time rank on this list, compared to all other players when they turned 73.

Player is the full name of the player. Click on the player's name to see a career progression of their ratings.

Rating is the calculated rating for each player on their 73rd birthday.

+/- is the standard deviation of the player's rating estimate. It is based on a geometric average of the number of rated games played in past years. Players who play very frequently will have a smaller +/- value, indicating a greater confidence in the accuracy of their rating. Players whose +/- value exceeds 76 are classified as "inactive" and removed from the ranking list due to their infrequent play against rated opponents. Mathematically, a player's rating is an estimate of their exact strength on their 73rd birthday. The +/- value represents the standard deviation of that estimate; the player's true strength on their 73rd birthday should be within one standard deviation of their calculated rating approximately 68% of the time, and within two standard deviations of their calculated rating approximately 95% of the time.

Best? is the estimated likelihood that the player was stronger on their 73rd birthday than anyone else turning 73. Since ratings are known to be inaccurate, it is possible that a lower-rated player was actually much stronger than their rating would indicate, and it is also possible that other players were weaker than their ratings would indicate. This number indicates the likelihood that the player was indeed the strongest player ever among players turning 73. On a particular list, it will add up to 100% across the complete list of all players. This value is only calculated for the top 100 players on any rating list.

75%? gives a 75%-confidence world ranking for the player. Because ratings are known to be inaccurate, even if a particular player had the third-highest rating ever, among players turning 73, we cannot say with 100% certainty that they were truly one of the three strongest 73-year-old players. This number indicates the all-time rank that we are 75% sure the player is "no worse than". Thus if a player has a value of #12 in this column, we are 75% sure that the player is one of the twelve strongest players ever to turn 73. This value is only calculated for the top 100 players on any rating list.

Date is the exact date that the rating applied to. Click on that date to see the sorted list of all players' ratings on that date.

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