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Nimcha was a prized sword and, due to its exotic design, it was highly sought-after by Arabic merchants. It was sometimes used to purchase goods, as a gift or as a wedding dowry.

The Battle of Badr is considered one of three defining battles of Islam. Some believe that the Zulfiqar was obtained at the Battle of Badr. Muhammad also decided to give it to Imam Ali because of his bravery and courage. He then declared him as the primary protector and friend of Muhammad.

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I have no reason not to believe that the blade is D2 tool steel, with a stonewashed finishing. When I first opened the blade using the flipper tab it was as smooth as butter. This is likely due to the ball bearing mechanism ABKT promotes. Later, we'll discuss this in more detail.

Zulfiqar is associated with Ali Ibn Abi Talib. It's a richly-decorated piece that symbolizes cultural and religious significance.

Kansas is also one of the states that bans knife possession by felons and some places like schools.

Here's a short video of the accident that someone recorded on their mobile phone:

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valuing samurai dignity.

No evidence exists that a sword was cut in a fight between European Renaissance swordsmen and samurai. A Dutch account of 1669 described a smallsword being cut in two. However, this was not due to a swordfight and the smallsword had been set up in an upright position in a Japanese temple.

The kojiri is the end cap that covers the top of the blade (kissaki). The protective fitting can be made out of metal or water buffalo horn. This fitting adds extra strength and stability to the scabbard as well as additional protection for the blade when it is being sheathed.

Iaito, a training sword that is entirely based on katana in terms of design and proportions. It's true that it is a safer version of the razor-edged sharp weapon. However, they have some unique differences.

To maintain secrecy, and make things easier to manage, all members of an organization are assigned a codename.